The content from Inside Cancer has been "atomized;" each animation and interview has been separated into standalone "atoms." You can search the atoms by keyword, or simply browse by Inside Cancer category. You can use these atoms to build a presentation that can be accessed via a unique web address (URL).

To begin, click Build a presentation below My Presentations.
(If you are already browsing content, you can click the My Presentations link at the upper-right of the screen.)

Click Add new presentation to create a new presentation.
A new entry with editable title and description text boxes open on the My Presentations page. You can also add presentations from the dropdown menu at the upper right while editing an open presentation.

Enter a title and description and then click Create.
The title is displayed throughout your presentation and the description appears on the opening slide. This presentation is now the "open" or active presentation.

You can now add slides to the presentation by searching or browsing Inside Cancer content in the Teacher Center:
To search, enter a search term in the search box and press Search.
To browse content, click on the icon for the section of Inside Cancer you want to browse.

On the search results or browse screen, click on the thumbnail or title for content you wish to review.
The item opens on the left side of the screen.

To add the item to your presentation, click Add slide to presentation.
The slide is added to the open presentation and its thumbnail and title display on the right. As you add slides, they appear below the first slide.
Each slide has its own toolset: you can change the order of the slides in the presentation by clicking the arrow buttons, delete a slide by clicking the X button, or customize the title or description of a slide by clicking the pencil icon. You can add a text-only slide as well.

Continue to search and browse the content to build your presentation.

When you have finished building, go to the My Presentations page to preview the presentation or edit presentation settings.
Click Edit to add slides or make changes to the presentation.
Click Preview to see your finished presentation.
To edit the title or description, simply type in the text fields, then click Update.
To make your presentation publicly available -- with a custom website address (URL) -- select Yes under Public.