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== '''Sample Wiki P, J & J''' ==
== '''InsideCancerWebquest2010[[Media:Example.ogg]]''' ==
'''Lesson Overview'''
'''Lesson Overview'''

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Lesson Overview Briefly describe the lesson here.

Goals and Objectives

Briefly outline the goals and objectives

Common Misconceptions

Describe any common misconceptions this lesson may address

The Lesson

Preparation Before class: (materials, handouts etc.)

Describe any pre-class preparation necessary for the lesson.

During class

Describe the activity.

Time required

Estimate the amount of time for each part of the lesson.

Student Handouts for the Lesson Plan

Describe any handouts and provide links to documents that include the handouts. Remember to upload the handouts to the wiki before linking to them.

Alternative Assessments Describe any alternative activities or assessments you may have developed.

Suggestions for Extended Learning

Suggest any extensions to the lesson.

Glossary -

Define any terms that may need elaboration.

Education Standards

Please align your lesson plan with any education standards that apply.

Teacher Answer Key

Include a teacher answer key when applicable.

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