Causes, Smoking: Lung cancer epidemic

This section covers the smoking epidemic in the U.S. and the 163,000 Americans that die each year from lung cancer, which is greater than deaths caused by prostate, breast, colon, and pancrease cancers combined.

Educational standards - statements

  • Toxic substances, some dietary habits, and some personal behavior may be bad for one's health. Some effects show up right away, others years later. Avoiding toxic substances, such as tobacco, and changing dietary habits increase the chance of living longer.| AAAS#6E/M2
  • Many diseases can be prevented, controlled, or cured. Some diseases, such as cancer, result from specific body dysfunctions and cannot be transmitted.| NSES#F 1.2
  • [Students] can consider personal and social consequences of individual choices in health (sexual activity, immunization)| AAAS#7D
  • Personal choice concerning fitness and health involves multiple factors. Personal goals, peer and social pressures, ethnic and religious beliefs, and understanding of biological consequences can all influence decisions about health practices.| NSES#F 1.3
  • Tables, graphs, and symbols are alternative ways of representing data and relationships that can be translated from one to another.| AAAS#9B/H4
  • A mathematical model uses rules and relationships to describe and predict objects and events in the real world.| AAAS#11B/H1a
  • Graphs and equations are useful (and often equivalent) ways for depicting and analyzing patterns of change.| AAAS#11C/H4