Diagnosis, Targeted therapies

Conventional cancer drugs are cellular poisons that block replication or some other aspect of cell growth. These drugs affect all cells – healthy or cancerous.

Educational standards - statements

  • Some drugs mimic or block the molecules involved in communication between cells and therefore affect operations of the brain and body.| AAAS#6C/H3
  • Knowledge of molecular structure and interactions aids in synthesizing new drugs and predicting their effects.| AAAS#8F/H5
  • Scientists in different disciplines ask different questions, use different methods of investigation, and accept different types of evidence to support their explanations.| NSES#E 1.1
  • Much can be learned about the internal workings of science and the nature of science from study of individual scientists, their daily work, and their efforts to advance scientific knowledge in their area of study.| NSES#G 3.1