Cancer Brochures

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Cancer Brochures

Lesson Overview

Students will learn basic information about cancer. They will build upon that background by researching a specific cancer. They will demonstrate that knowledge by preparing a cancer brochure similar to those found in an oncologist's office that describes the cancer, the affected organ/organ system, symptoms, treatments, causes, risk factors, and available resources.

Goals and Objectives

Students will be able to: 1. explain the hallmarks of cancer as presented on the Inside Cancer website. 2. describe the symptoms, causes, cell biology, organ/organ system involved, causes, treatment, risk factors and available resources for a specific cancer. 3. using computer graphics, produce a cancer pamphlet on a specific cancer that includes the topics listed above.

Common Misconceptions

Cancer is not one disease but many diseases with common features. Cancer involves changes in the genome and expression of the genome. Cell division and cell processes are highly regulated processes on the molecular level.

The Lesson

Preparation Before class: (materials, handouts etc.)

Review and be familiar with the Inside Cancer website. Prepare worksheet questions which check for understanding for each section (Halmarks, Causes and Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment, and Pathways to Cancer). Obtain example brochures from a doctor's office.

During class Day 1 Begin class by asking if any students know someone who currently or previously had cancer and allow a couple of students to share experiences. Ask students what they know about cancer biology. Have students go on the Inside Cancer website. Go through the Hallmarks of Cancer as a class. Have students answer the worksheet questions on that section to check for understanding. Have students go through the remaining 3 sections on their own, and answer the worksheet questions that check for understanding.

Day 2 In groups of about 4 students, have groups identify 10 important concepts that they learned about cancer, and then have the groups share out. Introduce the cancer brochure project. In pairs, students will select a specific cancer to research and will prepare a brochure for an oncologist's office on that particular cancer. Show some sample brochures. The brochure must be creative, visually engaging, informative, and professional in appearance. It should include the following: Engaging front cover Table of contents Basic introduction on cancer biology Description of the cells/tissue/organ/organ system involved Symptoms Occurrence Causes Risk factors Treatments Support resources References

Day 3 Allow time for student research

Days 4 and 5 Allow time for students to continue research and create their brochures.

Time required

This is a two to two and a half week project

Student Handouts for the Lesson Plan

A worksheet with questions on the different sections of the Inside Cancer website will check for student understanding and provide a launching point for group discussion of important concepts. A rubric that will be used to assess the brochure will help guide the students in the research, design and creation of their brochure on a specific cancer.

Alternative Assessments

In addition to the quality and completeness of their brochure, an objective quiz on cancer biology will be given.

Suggestions for Extended Learning

Students will take a field trip to a local, regional or national meeting of a cancer organization. If available, they will present a poster session on the specific cancer they researched, including the pamphlet they created.

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